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11 January 2024

Record installations for rooftop solar and heat pumps

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2023 was a record year for rooftop solar with 190,000 solar installations being carried out, but growth still lags behind government targets for the low carbon technology.

09 January 2024

EV sales plateau in the UK

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The sale of Electric Vehicles in the UK has flatlined, provoking industry calls to cut VAT and improve incentives.

19 December 2023

76 per cent of small businesses yet to implement a decarbonisation plan

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A recent report by the British Business Bank analyses the progress made by small businesses so far in their net zero transition. Here are some of the headline findings from the report.

18 December 2023

UK government unveils funding drive for energy efficiency and heat

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The government has unveiled its planned £6bn funding drive for energy efficiency and heating in a bid to cut carbon emissions and energy bills for households.

15 December 2023

Global coal demand to decline by 2026

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A new report by the IEA anticipates lower demand for coal over the coming years as climate policy tilts towards clean energy sources.

14 December 2023

Green Economy senses carbon reduction for City of York

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Green Economy has been appointed by City of York Council (CYC) to provide business support which will enable 100 local businesses to decarbonise through carbon reduction planning, specialist support and access to green technologies and sensors which will provide live data on energy consumption.

14 December 2023

What happened at COP28?

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The international climate summit has reached its conclusion after a heated debate surrounding the phase out of fossil fuels took the conference into overtime. Here are the big wins and losses from this year’s negotiations.

08 December 2023

Mapping the UK’s heat pump deployment – what to expect from the sector.

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The Heat Pump Association’s (HPA) latest report outlines the road ahead for heat pump deployment across the UK, citing opportunities, challenges, and the practicalities of switching to heat pump technology.

05 December 2023

Greater Manchester to receive £7 million for net zero ambitions

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Greater Manchester is set to receive £7 million in funding over the next two years to accelerate net zero ambitions across the region.

23 November 2023

What does the Autumn Budget mean for the green sector?

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced his Autumn Budget to the House on 22 November 2023. Here are some of the key takeaways for business and the green sector.

21 November 2023

National Grid unveils tool to improve connection visibility

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Developed in conjunction with Octopus Energy, RWE and Severn Trent, the new ClearViewConnect tool will make connection pipelines clearer and faster for customers.

20 November 2023

EU “ecocide” rules will criminalise environmental damage

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The European Union has set new rules penalising acts of environmental destruction “comparable to ecocide.”

15 November 2023

65 per cent of industry emissions could be cut by long duration energy storage

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Industry is responsible for almost a quarter of global emissions, making it one of the highest emitting industries globally. Long duration battery storage solutions could alleviate 65 per cent of industry emissions, with opportunities for wider application.