Green Economy is the evolution of decades of experience working with businesses to decarbonise whilst helping local businesses seize the opportunities that the net zero transition presents. This transition represents a significant market opportunity for our economy with the whole of the supply chain set to benefit.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is for an equitable transition to net zero, one that ensures the resilience and competition of our businesses, whilst creating growth and green jobs for the UK's green technologies and services sector.

Our mission is to help businesses to achieve net zero alongside their strategic objectives, working with the local green supply chain to grow the green technologies and services sector, creating high quality jobs that will deliver and sustain net zero into the future.

Decarbonising the business base

Businesses that reduce their carbon footprint can build resilience and increase financial security and competitive advantage by creating greater security around their consumption of greenhouse gases. Green Economy’s services have helped businesses to save more than one million tonnes of CO2e since 2013. Our sustainability, net zero and carbon footprint specialists work with businesses across multiple sectors to implement an environmental strategy that aligns with their growth plans to ensure sustained high performance.

Simultaneously, we address the market failures around the low uptake of low carbon technologies by working with business leaders to demystify the technological solutions to the net zero opportunity. Our ambition is to increase confidence and access to the low carbon goods and services sector so that procuring green products and services isn’t just the right choice, it is also the easiest choice.

Growing the green tech sector

Whilst some green tech businesses are already well positioned to develop the new market opportunities presented by the UK's net zero ambition, others require additional support to win new business, drive innovation, upskill their workforces and demonstrate their technical expertise to the market.

We provide services that improve the competitiveness of green tech businesses, with business growth support, market intelligence, peer learning, and the opportunity to benchmark their abilities against their peers.


Meet the team

Senior Leadership team

Amy House
Director LinkedIn

Katherine Burden
Business Development Lead LinkedIn

Vicky Wilding
Green Technologies & Services Lead LinkedIn

Alasdair Dalzel-Job
Technical Lead LinkedIn

Ben Peace
Sustainability & Net Zero Lead LinkedIn

Jacqui Musson
Communications Lead LinkedIn

Decarbonisation & Sustainability

Rebecca Chedd
Sustainability & Net Zero Consultant LinkedIn

Carl Hirst
Sustainability & Net Zero Consultant LinkedIn

Catriona Watson
Net Zero Training Manager LinkedIn

Joss Bennett
Carbon & Sustainability Consultant LinkedIn

Katie Pepper
Carbon & Sustainability Consultant LinkedIn

Olivia Downham
Sustainability & Net Zero Counsultant LinkedIn

Piyush Singh
Sustainability & Net Zero Counsultant LinkedIn

Oliver Holmes
Sustainability & Net Zero Consultant LinkedIn

Joseph Ledsham
Sustainability & Net Zero Consultant LinkedIn

Sanjay Sharma
Engagement Officer LinkedIn

Green Technologies & Services

Simon Edwards
Senior Business Consultant LinkedIn

TC (2)
Thalia Czarkowska
Green Technology & Services Consultant LinkedIn

AH (2)
Ashley Hulme
Green Technology & Services Consultant LinkedIn

Tommy Copestake
Green Technology & Services Consultant LinkedIn

Ben Williamson
Green Technology & Services Consultant LinkedIn

PS (2)
Priya Sirpal
Business Consultant LinkedIn

Client Services

Tim Mooney
Communications & Engagement Officer LinkedIn

Lola Wiseberg
Market Intelligence Officer LinkedIn

Montelle Williams
Business Intelligence Analyst LinkedIn

Scott Whittaker
Green Economy Administrator LinkedIn

Lorraine Reavey
Grants Coordinator LinkedIn

Advisory Board

We're committed to delivering the best experience for our members and to advocate for the businesses and technologies that will deliver the transition to net zero.

To help us do this, we've established an Advisory Board that will help us shape the journey.

Louise Marix Evans
Louise Marix Evans - Chair
Director, Quantum Strategy & Technology Ltd

Steve Aughton
Steve Aughton
Head of Vertical Market Development, Siemens Smart Infrastructure (Siemens Plc)

Marilyn Comrie
Dr Marilyn Comrie OBE
Blair Project

Amer Gaffar
Manchester Fuel Cell Innovation Centre

Bruce Cruse
Director of Facilities England and Wales Cricket Board

Jonny Sadler
Jonny Sadler
Strategic Decarbonisation Manager, Electricity North West

Ian Rippin
Ian Rippin

What is the green economy?

The green economy is defined as one that invests into businesses, infrastructure and assets that benefit the planet, reducing the risk of environmental harm and climate change. At Green Economy our vision is to raise the profile of businesses that provide net zero solutions to increase investment in green technologies and services.

Our Marketplace showcases the installers, tradespeople, providers, designers, suppliers and manufacturers of technologies and services including:

Heat pumps
Electric vehicles
Energy saving / LED lighting
Solar panels / PV
Wind turbines
Hydro energy
Biomass / Biogas
Micro CHP

Water harvesting
Heat recovery
Infrared heating
Energy Management or consultancy
Architecture / construction technology
Environmental products and services

Transition to net zero

Do you want to save money and reduce energy use?
Get support to implement low and no cost solutions, and connect with local trusted partners to deliver green technology projects.

Green business growth


Do you install or supply low carbon technologies or provide green solutions?Sell your products/services and raise your profile through our online Marketplace.

Grow your green economy

Does your local authority or city-region want to grow its green economy?
Green Economy helps businesses to transition to net zero whilst growing your local green technologies and services supply chain to reap the economic benefits.