Our team works directly with the businesses making waves in the transition to net zero. In our series of blogs we consider the technical challenges, the market opportunities and look at the big issues effecting the journey to net zero and the uptake of low carbon technology. 

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13 May 2024

Our Energy Future: Hydrogen

Read time: 4 minutes

Hydrogen is a clean fuel which has a variety of domestic and commercial applications and can be produced as a by-product of many other natural and clean energy sources. Here, we explore the landscape for hydrogen, including its role in a clean energy future and the current shape of the industry.

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22 April 2024

Green Economy’s Earth Day tips 2024

Read time: 4 minutes

This Earth Day, the Green Economy team got together to discuss all our top tips to help businesses and individuals reduce their carbon footprint and make sustainable decisions.

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15 April 2024

Our Energy Future: Green Ammonia

Read time: 2 minutes

Green ammonia is a diverse gas with applications to agriculture and renewable energy production. Here, we take a deep dive into the world of green ammonia, uncovering its potential for a clean energy future and the barriers it currently faces.

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02 April 2024

Making marketing strategy more commercial for green technology businesses

Read time: 7 minutes

Clarity is important for any business to make sure their message cuts through the noise. For businesses in the green economy, where often new technologies or methodologies are challenging the status quo, it’s absolutely vital.

Posted By Mike Pye

11 March 2024

Our Energy Future: Biofuels

Read time: 2 minutes

Biofuels are a renewable energy source offering a low carbon alternative to fossil fuels. Here, we explore the role of biofuels in the clean energy transition away from traditional oil and gas.

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20 February 2024

Carbon capture - what are the UK’s plans for storing carbon?

Read time: 3 minutes

The UK government has outlined plans to develop a competitive carbon capture and storage (CCS) market by 2035. Here, we explore the practicalities of CCS technology and how the market is shaping.

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14 February 2024

Fully funded sustainability support for businesses in Greater Manchester

Read time: Around 1 minute

Organisations across the country are becoming more and more aware of environmental issues linked to climate change and the risks these pose to their business, and almost half of UK companies now have a structured plan to reduce their carbon footprint and climate impact.

Posted By Rebecca Chedd

16 January 2024

A guide to green financing options for businesses

Read time: Around 1 minute

If you’re looking to decarbonise your organisation’s operations or improve the sustainability of your workspace, there may be green funding and financing options available to ease the costs. Here’s a rundown of some current green funding and financing routes.

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08 January 2024

Microplastics - a global plague

Read time: 3 minutes

The world’s waterways are littered with monumental quantities of plastic pollution and tackling this crisis poses many difficulties. We investigate the extent of the issue and the potential solution to this growing catastrophe.

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04 December 2023

Cutting emissions from the web

Read time: 5 minutes

The internet consumes roughly 416.2TWh of electricity per year and contributes to 3.7 per cent of global carbon emissions. Here are some practical ways to decarbonise your business’s digital footprint.

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23 November 2023

How to save energy: business case & financing

Read time: 6 minutes

A short guide to building a successful business case for energy efficiency investments and how to finance them.

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