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28 May 2024

Will the UK deliver on grid decarbonisation plans?

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Energy industry leaders have suggested that decarbonising the grid by 2030 is possible but would require rapid reforms designed to encourage and rollout renewable energy projects, including energy efficiency improvements.

20 May 2024

Nine in 10 business leaders call for greater government net zero support

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A recent study exploring the opportunities and barriers for businesses taking net zero action revealed that reputation is a key sustainability driver while costs remain the highest barrier, with nine in ten businesses calling for more government support.

17 May 2024

Onsite energy and quality data improves energy management for businesses, study finds

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A recent survey of European businesses has shown that organisations who are confident in their energy data and invested in onsite energy generation have better quality energy management, improving investment decisions, energy costs and carbon emissions.

15 May 2024

£100k on offer to help Greater Manchester businesses reduce energy bills

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SMEs in Greater Manchester are invited to apply for a new Energy Efficiency Grant to support delivery of energy efficiency improvement projects.

14 May 2024

Curtailment report to help locate renewable energy assets

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A new UK report will provide data and support around curtailment and the connections process, informing on where to locate renewable energy assets.

13 May 2024

60 biggest banks invested $705bn in fossil fuels last year

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The 60 biggest banks globally invested $705bn in fossil fuel companies in 2023, bringing the total amount invested since the Paris Agreement to $6.9trn.

08 May 2024

UK reaches 60,000 public EV chargepoint milestone

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New statistics have revealed the UK surpassed a 60,000 public chargepoint milestone, with 100,000 public chargepoints expected to become available by 2025.

03 May 2024

UK government defeated in court over climate plan dispute

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The UK Government has lost a landmark case in High Court over its inadequate climate plans.

29 April 2024

National Buildings Database will inform on energy use and carbon emissions of buildings

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The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero is rolling out its plan to include digital representations of all buildings in a single database which will be for research into energy use and carbon emissions to inform government policy.

26 April 2024

Climate change damages cost 38 trillion dollars annually

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New research uncovers the global economic cost of climate change, with income reductions and damages driving up the bill.

23 April 2024

73 per cent of waste clothing goes to landfill, report finds

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The textile industry’s impact on the climate has sparked a drive for significant overhaul and sustainable change within the sector. Overproduction and unnecessarily high demand are causing significant amounts of waste and emissions within the sector, but what can be done to curb this trend?

15 April 2024

Deforestation rates threaten 2030 climate targets

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The rates of tropical forest deforestation are pushing 2030 climate targets out of reach, despite major progress in Brazil and Colombia.