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16 July 2024

Labour gears up for solar power ‘rooftop revolution’

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Energy secretary Ed Miliband sets target to triple the UK’s solar capacity by 2030.

15 July 2024

UK falls short on biodiversity finance

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The UK is among a group of developed countries not pulling their weight when it comes to biodiversity finance, report finds.

15 July 2024

Paris strives for greenest ever games

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France is rolling out plans to make Paris 2024 the most sustainable Olympic games to date.

12 July 2024

Global green economy reaches $7.2trn market cap

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As of the first quarter of 2024, the global green economy has achieved a market capitalisation of $7.2trn, making it the second-best performing global industry of the past decade.

10 July 2024

Chris Stark to lead Mission Control for Clean Power 2030

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The former Climate Change Committee boss has been appointed for a new government advisory position which will help deliver Labour’s clean power target.

09 July 2024

New UK government lifts onshore wind ban

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The de facto ban on onshore wind farms has been removed by the new Labour government.

01 July 2024

European businesses lead the way for science-based targets

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As of December 2023, European companies and financial institutions account for 53 per cent of science-based targets validated by SBTi, report finds.

17 June 2024

Falling short: challenges and solutions for the UK’s struggling wind energy sector

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The UK wind sector has potential to be a global superpower in terms of capacity, but falls short on manufacturing, skills, and the rollout of windfarms.

10 June 2024

100 businesses to collaborate for net zero

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SMEs pursuing net zero are encouraged to register for one of Green Economy’s Peer Network cohorts.

06 June 2024

World invests twice as much in clean energy as it does in fossil fuels

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Investment in renewable energy technologies is outstripping fossil fuel investment, with solar PV taking the largest share for clean energy.

04 June 2024

Carbon market transactions down 56 per cent

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The Voluntary Carbon Market hit a value of $723mn 2023, but greenwashing concerns have caused the market to tumble.

03 June 2024

One in five want green training at work

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According to a new report from OVO energy, just 7 per cent of people state they are receiving dedicated green skills development, and only 30 per cent have heard of green skills.