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QPSL has saved £342,000 through carbon reduction action

Support from Sustainability and Net Zero Consultants has helped the business remove 523 tonnes of carbon from their operations and energy consumption. 

Expert support on your journey to net zero

If you are looking to improve the environmental performance of your business, at Green Economy, we are here to help you to implement meaningful change to help you on that journey. Our team of sustainability, net zero and carbon footprinting advisors provide a range of services to help you implement carbon reduction plans that will meet your commercial, environmental and financial objectives.

Why do businesses need to decarbonise? 

The UK has a legally binding commitment to achieve net zero by 2050, with the business base being responsible for about a third of emissions. As such all businesses have a role to play in reducing energy demand and implementing solutions that eliminates carbon from their supply chain.

But this doesn’t address the competitive advantage net zero presents to a business including:

Cost savings

Customer satisfaction

Business continuity

Talent retention

New markets

Our services to help you make net zero, add value

Green Economy provides a range of services to help your business to help you to achieve financial objectives whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Many of our services are free or fully-funded. 

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Support, advice and funding

Improve efficiency, achieve sustainability goals and access funding to deliver your transition to net zero, with support from a Sustainability and Net Zero advisor.

Sustainability and Net Zero Training

Upskill your workforce, understand your net zero obligations and implement effective carbon reduction plans with training from Green Economy.

Fund your carbon reduction projects

Explore green finance opportunities and find out about Green Economy's grant funding to support your transition to net zero. 


Net zero resources

Get started with tools and resources to help you understand decarbonisation, get to grips with green technologies, measure your carbon footprint and implement a carbon reduction plan for your business.

Find local, trusted green suppliers

Search for local suppliers of green technologies and services to support your transition to net zero on Green Economy's Marketplace.



Delivering environmental and commercial impacts for businesses

For more than a decade we've helped businesses understand their carbon footprint, implement effective carbon reduction plans and drive change including: 

0 tonnes

 C02e saved


Businesses supported


Cost savings for businesses


Jobs created or safeguarded

0 tonnes

Waste diverted from landfill

York Centre


Access one to one support, peer group training and access to innovative technologies as part of our funded support for York's businesses. 

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Find local, trusted green suppliers

Search for local partners for your decarbonisation project with Green Economy's Marketplace. 

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Carbon footprinting

Measure your carbon footprint and create an evidence-based action plan to help you prioritise key actions and deliver results. 

Carbon footprinting guide

Resources and advice to help you decarbonise your business

Net zero toolkit

Access guidance and resources to help you reduce carbon, improve your environmental credentials and save your business money

How to save energy

No matter the size of your operation, there are a range of low and no cost solutions to reducing your energy consumption and save your business money. 

Stay in the know

Get the latest environmental business news, views, insights and events from Green Economy, straight to your inbox each month. 

Why does my business need to change? 

Not only has the UK committed to becoming net zero by 2050, it also has a legally binding commitment to make meaningful change towards this target by 2030, which includes a shift away from fossil fuel powered boilers and cars. Here are just some of the ways that businesses can make a difference to achieve this target.


Decarbonising your workplace

Eliminating or reducing your businesses reliance on carbon will not only save your business money, but will also help you to offer more competitive pricing, and could provide access to new supply chains.

Green Economy works with businesses to measure and benchmark your carbon footprint, presenting you with an action plan of priorities that will reduce your energy use and eliminate unnecessary consumption. We can help you understand your environmental obligations and implement a carbon reduction plan which will save your business money and improve your credibility with customers. We can recommend energy consulting or energy management technology that will help you to manage this in the long term. In addition, we can also help you to understand renewable energy, sustainable heating and other green technologies which can reduce your reliance on increasingly volatile energy markets.

Eco Innovation

Eco Innovation
Understanding the full lifecycle of your products and services forms an essential part of developing your carbon footprint but also offers a competitive advantage as increasing numbers of consumers and large businesses look to work with providers that offer more sustainable solutions.

Our teams can work with you to consider the carbon footprint of your products and services and help you to embed sustainability in product and service design.


Sustainable procurement
Once you understand the potential for your net zero transition, Green Economy can work with you to help implement that plan. We can help demystify green technologies, advise on likely return on investment and connect you to local, trusted experts to assist with feasibility and installation. We can help you secure buy-in from board, c-suite or financial directors, and help you to influence landlords or property managers of the long-term impact that solar panel installation and heat pump installation can have on the value of a property. We can also connect you to green finance or funding opportunities that will support capital expenditure and decision making.


Delivering sustainable projects
There is an increased demand to decarbonise existing infrastructures across transport, housing, buildings and communications networks. This is achieved by retrofitting existing systems to improve their efficiency and utilising smart technologies to futureproof their sustainability in the long term. In addition, new developments are under increased scrutiny to ensure that sustainable construction methods are utilised during the planning, development and operation stages. Green Economy can support these projects by understanding the capabilities of decarbonising major infrastructure projects and connecting you to subcontractors that can deliver for you.

Marketplace - find your perfect project partner

Search for local suppliers of green technologies and services to support your transition to net zero. Search by location, specialism and accreditation to find a local expert and connect directly with the business to request a quotation or call back.

Energy Efficiency Grants


Funding to  implement energy saving projects that
reduce carbon and save your business money.

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Do you install green tech products and services in West Yorkshire? Explore our fully-funded services to help you win more work and grow your firm. 

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