Yellow Door Day Nursery provides pre-school childcare for families in Hyde, Tameside.

The business received support from the Sustainability and Net Zero team to identify opportunities to increase efficiency, cut costs and reduce carbon emissions. Following at onsite review their advisor recommended upgrading the heating system and replacing the boiler which was around 25 years old.

The business was awarded a grant to replace the existing gas boiler with electric heat pumps, reducing the businesses gas consumption equating to 5.65 CO2e tonnes and creating cost savings of £1,200 each year. The business has gone on to install 20 solar panels and will continue looking at energy efficiency improvements as their site expands over the coming year.

“As a business our ethos is focused on helping the next generation learn about the world and our role in it. Receiving this grant has enabled us to play our part in reducing harmful greenhouse gases and demonstrates to the families that we work with that sustainability is an important part of what we teach and how we operate.”

Michelle Williams, Managing Director of Yellow Door Day Nursery

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Grant Funding for Energy Saving Projects

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