Read our comprehensive guides outlining the renewable energy sources and technologies that will shape our energy future.

Biofuels are a renewable energy source offering a low carbon alternative to fossil fuels. Here, we explore the role of biofuels in the clean energy transition away from traditional oil and gas.

Green ammonia is a diverse gas with applications to agriculture and renewable energy production. Here, we take a deep dive into the world of green ammonia, uncovering its potential for a clean energy future and the barriers it currently faces.

Hydrogen is a clean fuel which has a variety of domestic and commercial applications and can be produced as a by-product of many other natural and clean energy sources. Here, we explore the landscape for hydrogen, including its role in a clean energy future and the current shape of the industry.

Geothermal energy is a sustainable energy source produced by tapping into the natural heat that exists within the Earth. It’s considered a reliable energy source given the heat generated within the Earth is constant. Here, we explore how geothermal energy can support a clean energy future.

Wind energy represented 15 per cent of Europe’s renewable energy supply in 2022, with capacity increasing further in recent years. Here, we analyse wind technology and its potential to support a clean energy future.

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