Developed in conjunction with Octopus Energy, RWE and Severn Trent, the new ClearViewConnect tool will make connection pipelines clearer and faster for customers. 

This will address concerns raised by customers that grid connection timelines have hindered their investment into onsite green technology solutions, such as solar panels and electric vehicle (EV) chargers.  
This tool is the first of its kind for a District Network Operator (DNO). ClearViewConnect will enable users to access vital technical data and insights for any grid supply point (GSP) within the National Grid’s jurisdiction, with information covering capacity and reinforcement works. 

What’s a DNO? Refer to our Net Zero Key Terms Glossary to understand the jargon.

The information accessible through this tool will help developers and customers make informed decisions about renewable energy projects by providing more accurate information on connection costs and by helping to identify which network areas can offer the quickest and simplest connection.  
In addition, anonymised insights about generation connection pipelines for a specific GSP means users will gain a clearer understanding of potential timelines and interim unavailability if connections are accelerated. Clean energy providers will now be able to offer their customers more detailed information regarding anticipated project timelines and the connection process.  
Zoisa North-Bond, Chief Executive Officer of Octopus Energy Generation, said: “Long and opaque connection queues are preventing customers from fully benefiting from low cost green power, while stopping developers from making the best decisions about where to invest.” 
“Customers who are developing new schemes across our network need to understand which connection points offer them the best chance to connect when they want, at the lowest cost,” adds Cordi O’Hara, President of NGED. 

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