Carbon tonnes saved annually


Annual savings on energy bills

Un.Titled Studios provide studio space and production services to major clients from their site in Salford, near to MediaCityUK. The business sought support from a Sustainability and Net Zero Advisor to identify energy savings.

The business applied for a grant to replace its old, inefficient gas heaters, which had been in place since 1979 and generated high gas bills for the business and insulated the studio walls and ceilings to reduce their heat requirement.

By replacing the old heating system with a new Air Source Heat Pumps, for which they received 50 per cent grant funding, the business was able to save 69.95 tCO2, and reduce their energy bill by £22,334 annually.

“Receiving funding towards our new Air Source Heat Pumps meant that the studio was able to reduce our energy consumption and, as a result, generate savings in our energy bills and carbon emissions. We saw a return on investment within six months.”

Jamie Hull, Managing Director at Un.Titled Studios

“Replacing old, inefficient heating systems can have a huge impact on reducing energy bills as well as a businesses carbon footprint. What can be a prohibitively expensive investment for a small company, is made achievable with grant funding.”

Carl Hirst, Sustainability and Net Zero Consultant at Green Economy

Un.Titled Heatpump 200Px

Un.Titled Studios used grant funding to replace the heating system which had been in place for over 40 years. 

Grant Funding for Energy Saving Projects

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